How can I sign up my Genie account?

2 months ago

You can sign up for your Genie account with your Phone number/ Email/ Facebook account/ Apple Account (iOS):


Step 1: Choose your sign-up method from the options displayed on the screen.

If you are registering by Phone number, please view Step 2; If you choose another way, please view Step 4


Step 2: Enter your phone number. Then click “Continue” to move into the next steps.


Step 3: Check your phone for an OTP code, enter it in the appropriate field, and click “Continue” to proceed.


Step 4: Enter your full name and the username that you desire. Then click “Continue” to move into the next steps.


Step 5: Choose 5 topics that interest you, which will help personalize your experience with the app. Then click “Continue” to proceed.


Step 6: Select 5 Genies to follow. Their questions and answers will appear on your home screen. Click “Continue” to proceed.


Step 7: Enter your invitation code to complete the sign-up process.







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