How to file a counter notice?

2 months ago

If there are any questions or problems, the User can contact/notify Genie via email at When a User contacts Genie, please provide his or her name, email address and any other information Genie may need to identify the User, the User’s Account, and the transaction that the User requests to respond to. feedback, questions or complaints.

In addition to confirming these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees that, when there are any changes reflected by the User in the Application, Genie will notify/contact the User at and contact details provided by the User upon registration.

Form of Notice: All communications and notices provided must be in writing and sent via email to the User, their designee or their authorized representative.

If the User has a dispute with Genie, the User agrees to contact Genie’s support team first to resolve the dispute. If the User fails to contact Genie’s support team, Genie reserves the right to request a court/authority to dismiss the User’s action/application unless and until the User completes the following steps:

  • In case the complaint has not been resolved through contacting Genie Support, please use the Genie complaint form to determine the cause of the complaint, and how the User wants Genie to resolve the complaint. and any other information that the User deems relevant. The User may find a complaint form on the Application or the User may request it from Genie Support. Genie will confirm receipt of the User’s complaint form after the User submits it. A customer complaints officer (“Employee”) will review the User’s complaint. This officer will review the User’s complaint based on the information the User has provided and any information provided by Genie.
  • Within 15 working days of Genie’s receipt of the User’s complaint, this Officer will resolve all issues raised in the User’s complaint by sending an email to the User. application (“Notice of Complaints Resolution”), where this Officer will: (i) offer to resolve the User’s complaint in the manner requested by the User; (ii) make a decision to reject the User’s complaint and state the reasons for the refusal; or (iii) offer to resolve the User’s complaint by an alternative solution. In certain circumstances, if this Employee is unable to respond to a User complaint within 15 business days, the Employee will (unless prohibited by applicable law) send the User a provisional reply. Timely indicate the reason for the delay in replying to the User’s complaint and specify the time limit for replying to the User’s complaint (no later than 35 working days from the date Genie receives the User’s complaint letter).
  • Any claim settlement offer made by Genie to the User will become binding on Genie only if the User accepts such an offer. Genie’s offer of settlement shall not constitute Genie’s admission of any wrongdoing or liability in connection with the claim.
  • If Genie is unable to resolve a User’s complaint through the complaints process outlined above, the User may report his or her complaint through the dispute procedures outlined below, as appropriate to the User. use. The foregoing shall not be construed to prevent either party from seeking interim relief in a court of competent jurisdiction: For claims or disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or the provision of The Service, or the Application, which cannot be resolved through the complaints process outlined above, the User may submit to the competent courts for action against Genie.
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