What is routing number?

4 weeks ago

A routing number is a nine-digit code used by financial institutions to identify other financial institutions. It’s also known as an RTN (routing transit number) and an ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. Combined with your account number, it allows institutions to locate your account.

You can find your routing number by following ways:

1. On paper, check the bank routing number is the nine-digit number to the left or center, or the string of numbers next to your account number. Some banks place it to the left of the number sequence while others place it in the center.

2. You can check your online account page for your bank routing number. Different banks put them in different places, so there’s no single place to suggest a search.

3. You can contact the bank’s customer service and ask them.

4. Check your banking app if you use it. Again, the number can be anywhere.

5. Check your paper statements if you use them.

6. You can watch it online.

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